Customer Communications Skills for Biomedical Technicians/Engineers

This training will provide you with essential communication tools and proven applications to earn customer loyalty and trust. The content has been designed for biomed engineers and technicians to communicate effectively with customers in the field of service. Examples are relatable and applicable to any biomed and customer service positions in the healthcare industry. 
After completion you will be well equipped to communicate with any customer and earn the level of trust you deserve for strong relationship building.

WHO is this for?

Specifically for Biomedical engineers/field service personnel who perform technical services at multiple accounts and interact with different customers.

WHY this course?

Learning to effectively communicate with customers in the Biomedical engineering/Technical service fields will help you build closer relationships and strong bonds. If you want to truly connect with your clients while delivering technical services, this is the course for you. It is packed with practical and proven applications. Your effective communication in the service field is a differentiator!

WHAT can I expect from this course?

This course will equip you with proven insights and practical applications to communicate and connect with customers effectively. It has written, content, visuals, spoken words with relatable examples and tips you can put into practice right after taken the course. It has different lessons to go at your own pace.

What's included?








Best Practice Guide

Course Contents

Meet the instructor

Ricardo Molina

Ricardo is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive coach, with over 25 years of international industry and leadership experience in operations, manufacturing, and commercial environments within large corporations and small companies. He holds Mechanical Engineering and MBA degrees in the USA and received various leadership recognition awards from GE Healthcare and Johnson and Johnson corporations. He is recognized for his customer-centric leadership style and well-respected within business circles.

His credentials boast a credible track record in developing various businesses, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering successful diverse organizations. Ricardo's diverse industry experiences, coupled with his core values of integrity, service excellence, and care for people, enable him to authentically share his knowledge and bring transformational change in people’s businesses and lives.

At the heart of Ricardo’s leadership approach is his role as an executive & leadership coach, guided by “The Law of Addition,” which emphasizes that "Leaders add value by serving others!" centered in empowerment and mentorship, Ricardo is passionate about cultivating a new generation of servant leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-potential individuals.

"I look forward to serving you!" - Ricardo Molina
Patrick Jones - Course author


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