10 Surprising Things Successful Leaders Do Differently

Apr 2 / Kevin Kruse
The article highlights key behaviors and practices that successful leaders exhibit in their approach to leadership.

The article presents the following 10 surprising things that successful leaders do differently:
  1. They focus on minutes, not hours: Successful leaders recognize the importance of time management and prioritize tasks based on their impact and value.
  2. They don't create, they facilitate: Instead of trying to control and dictate every aspect, successful leaders empower their teams by facilitating collaboration and encouraging diverse perspectives.
  3. They don't rely on formal authority: Successful leaders understand that leadership is not solely dependent on their title or position, but rather on their ability to influence and inspire others.
  4. They manage energy, not time: Successful leaders recognize that managing their energy levels and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are crucial for sustained performance and well-being.
  5. They are learners, not knowers: Rather than claiming to have all the answers, successful leaders embrace a growth mindset and actively seek new knowledge and insights.
  6. They focus on outcomes, not activities: Successful leaders prioritize outcomes and results over merely completing tasks, aligning their efforts with the organization's goals and objectives.
  7. They build networks, not hierarchies: Successful leaders understand the value of building strong networks and relationships across different levels of the organization and beyond.
  8. They lead themselves first: Before leading others, successful leaders prioritize self-leadership by practicing self-care, setting personal goals, and maintaining their own well-being.
  9. They focus on strengths, not weaknesses: Successful leaders leverage their strengths and those of their team members, allowing individuals to excel in their areas of expertise.
  10. They think long-term, not short-term: Successful leaders adopt a strategic mindset, making decisions and taking actions that consider the long-term implications and sustainability of their choices.

By embracing these surprising approaches, successful leaders create environments that foster innovation, engagement, and growth, ultimately leading to sustainable success for themselves and their teams.

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